Friday, April 24, 2009

The best part of wakin' up...

I am one of the few, brave coffee drinkers that is not ashamed to say that I take mine in a glass, not a mug. That's right...I am in love with iced coffee. Not only is it like drinking dessert for breakfast, but I also can validate it's sinful sweetness by reminding myself that I'm getting in a nice glass of 1% milk, which is great because I am not the biggest fan of milk served straight up (don't tell mom). I used to brew my own every morning, but then my good friend Cathy turned me on to Coolbrew, a gourmet coffee concentrate from New Orleans Coffee Company. The bottle is great because it ingeniously measures out a perfect ounce so that you never have to guess how much to pour. I just add one ounce of coffee into a full glass of ice and milk, then stir in a Splenda...done. Yum!

I should also mention that my morning ritual includes my favorite iced coffee glass that I got from CB2. The style is from the Marta barware collection, and it fits perfectly in my car's cupholder which is a rare thing. I love it! With my beloved ice-coffee in one hand and a toasted bagel half in the other, I am ready to take on the world (right after I drop the kids off at school).

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Becky said...

I love these glasses too. Wonder who turned me on to those? ;)