Monday, December 7, 2009

Homemade Gifts from the Heart

This cute cookie mix gift was taken from an idea I got from Bakerella's blog. Mine was adapted from her precious pink and brown "Cowgirl Cookies"...instead, I went with an aqua, red and brown color story for my "Reindeer Mix". The little felt reindeer ornaments that I attached to the jar are from Hancock Fabrics. I made 20 cookie jars...I'm so happy that I have these gifts to give to friends, family and teachers. They're a little time consuming because of all the steps, but what a "sweet" presentation.


Anonymous said...

These look so cute and with such fun colors!
Just adorable!

eco-stylista said...

Hello, I am new here and I love your blog. I am also planning to create something similar and this is such a great inspiration. Have a nice day!