Monday, July 13, 2009

Annie B Boutique

My 13 year old daughter Annie started a jewelry and hair accessories business about a year ago. She enjoys keeping up with her for the findings, designing and actually making the product and making her rounds to the various shops that she sells to. She does all of this with my help along with the assistance of her 10 year old sister Claire. annie b boutique ( is a fun business that we all have a blast doing together even though there are some days we don't do anything because Annie declares that she "just wants to be a kid today." The business is growing as her product offerings have expanded to include: hairclips, pony-tail holders, necklaces and rings. A portion of the money that she is making is being donated to St. Judes research hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Here are a few photos of her ever-changing line.

Even puppies enjoy pony-o's by annie b boutique!


Anonymous said...

Ok, Now Addie wearing her new "PONY-O" in her ears is just too precious!!! OMG she looks cuter than words can describe!

Colleen said...

A vendor of mine (the Pinchy Crab) sent over your blog for me to read. She wanted me to see the post regarding the Annie B Boutique and how some of the proceeds are going to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

I just wanted to thank you and your daughters for selecting this charity, this amazing hospital, for your donations. My daughter Ellie was a patient there last year. Ellie had a cancerous brain tumor. She was just 5 1/2. We relocated from VA to TN for treatment and lived in Memphis for 6 months. God directed us to this incredible place and now Ellie is cancer free. She is doing incredible and we thank you for helping to make a huge difference. Ellie was the St. Jude spokeskid last season for the Thanks and Giving campaign and was in a commercial with Jennifer Aniston. Maybe you all saw it. Thank you again for teaching your girls the importance of giving back.


Stacy Claire Boyd said...

The comment that you sent to my blogsite today made an impact on my entire family. We have always loved St. Jude's Hospital because of the amazing work that they do there. I am originally from Memphis and my mom, dad, and sisters & their families all live there. Hearing your daughter Ellie's story gives us a more personal connection and we are so happy to hear that she is now wonderful!
Annie B Boutique is a fun project that we enjoy doing together and we are proud to donate to such an incredible hospital. Thank you so much for taking the time to share Ellie's made our day to hear from you. Yay Danny Thomas, Yay St. Jude's, Yay Ellie!

Just Write said...

We are SOOO excited to get our Annie B Boutique creations in our shop!!! I received the postcard today and they just makes my heart sing. They are so precious.....