Thursday, July 16, 2009

Technicolor Tabletops

A few days ago my sister Lauren called from Memphis where her son will be performing in a summer theatre production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. She was nominated to decorate the buffet tables where 300 people will have dinner after the show. She said "they need to look like the show" and wanted to know if I had any ideas? Well, unfortunately, I get very excited about projects like this and usually end up wanting to do them myself. The problem is that I only seem to have time in the wee hours of the night usually between midnight and 3:00 am! The other very unfortunate thing about me is that I am "Last-minute Louie". I wait until the night before a project is due... always! Well, anyway... I've never seen Joseph's technicolor dreamcoat, but this is my interpretation of it. These flower vases will give the tables pizazz with their poppin' color. I shipped them yesterday by UPS and she will get them today just in time to buy flowers and decorate her tables for Friday night's festivities. I snapped a quick pic, so that she can visit the blog to get an idea of how to do the flowers. I was pleased and I hope that both she and my nephew Brian will be too.

Break a leg Brian!
Aunt Stacy


Anonymous said...

Love the Technicolor Tabletop Decor!!!

It should turn out PERFECT now all bacause of you and your creativity!

Thanks so much!!!!Lauren

Delikatissen said...

Hi Stacy! Thanks so much for your nice e-mail, and for mentioning Delikatissen in Bits and Pieces!!! You are the Best!! You are very welcome to link to Delikatissen in your blog I'll do the same with yours, which btw is lovely!!!
Best wishes from Spain.

Just Write said...

Just saw pictures of the tables on my friend's facebook page (her husband and little girl are in the show) and recognized your vases!! They really stood out and looked precious on the tables, especially with the multicolored votives. Hope you get to see some pictures. ~d