Monday, August 31, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

This is a completely random list of a few things that are makin' me happy lately and I thought that I would share:

Jane Green - I love her books! I listen to them in the car (my sister gave me this fabulous idea... books on tape are not just for road trips). I listen whenever I've just dropped off the children at school or whenever I'm waiting for dance class to let out. It really makes me look forward to being the taxi mom a lot more when I have a good book to listen to. I check them out from the library and Jane Green is one of my faves - great 'chick lit'.

My gray Antelope shoes - They go with everything and make me feel tall. It takes a while to break them in. They have a tendancy to rub the back of your heel, but once broken in... they are fabulous!

My new floral cropped sleep pants - They are so comfy! Made by Gilligan and O'Malley, you can find them at Target for $14.99. Just add a comfortable tee and you're ready for bedtime or some nice loungin' around the house.

My two favorite opi nail polish colors - For hands: 'Sweetheart'. It is the softest pale pink shade. I've worn it for years and love it... nice and clean. For feet: 'You don't know Jacques'. It is a very trendy shade of taupe. I just recently discovered it and I'm in love!


Becky said...

I like Jacques, he is nice. My current fave is Give me Moor! by OPI. It will be my beach color for Labor Day!

Becky said...

Ohh and I love Gilligan and O'Malley ~ they are my go to lingerie gift!