Monday, August 17, 2009

"N" is for Nick

Last week I told you that I'd show you what I bought at Atmosphere. I couldn't tell you because it was a surprise for my girls. The amazing secret was that we got tickets to see The Jonas Brothers in concert. They had no idea and my husband and I told them yesterday morning...the concert was last night. They were beyond thrilled! My friend Jennifer got great tickets for all of us, and we had a fantastic time. My younger daughter loves Nick so I had gone to Atmosphere to buy a cool big metal "N" for Nick. We decorated it with magnets that we made just for him that included his favorite quote, his monogram, his favorite team (the NY Yankees), a picture of my girls, etc... etc...
We thought that it would be a fun gift and we did get the opportunity to give it to him during the sound check, which was awesome. So that was the secret purchase from the little store that I blogged about last Friday. A good time was had by all...the concert was amazing. At the end of the evening, my daughter Annie said that "it was the best night of her life" and Claire said that "her life was now complete". Me...I say "priceless"!
Thank you Jennifer for getting us the awesome tickets and making it all happen. Here are a few of Jennifer's (Jennifer Jones Photography) fabulous photos of the evening.

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