Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Love Stones

I need for someone to just shoot me if I ever get to the point where I start crocheting little jackets for rocks and stones. However... aren't these the most beautiful little collections that you've ever seen? You know what, I'm changing my mind! This will be what I do in my spare time when I move to that fantasy house on the beach. Just after dinner, I'll go for a nice long walk on the beach. Then, in the lazy morning times that I will have I'll sip coffee and crochet these pretty little covers for all of the beautiful stones, shells and sea glass treasures that I collected the night before. All this while listening to the sound of the gentle rythmic surf in the background :) Dream on Stacy! It's time to go pick up carpool.

1 comment:

Boatman Geller said...

I hope to be in the house next door!

I love your blog - really beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving

Jane Geller