Monday, November 9, 2009

Visions of Sugarplums

I haven't tried to make any of these gumdrop pops or candy snails and mushrooms before so I don't know anything about them except that they are so darn cute! I hope that I get a chance to sit down with my children and make some of these little decorations because these are the little details that you remember. These gumdrop figures are what dreams are made of! Isn't this what they mean when they talk about visions of sugarplums... something sugar-sprinkled and wonderful like these little guys? I must make time to create a few before the holidays... should be a fun project for all!


Girlfrog said...

These have been on my "want-to" list for a while. Weren't they originally featured in MS Kids? What has always held me back is that you have to buy so much of the candy and only use a few pieces of it. Of course, candy never goes to waste around here so maybe it's not such a problem!

Things That Inspire said...

Hi - I am excited to be on your blog list - I am a big fan and you guys were the ones I picked for the birth announcements for two of my three girls (with the first, I went with William Arthur - very nice, but not the feel I wanted for number 2 and 3).

Anyway, love this little project - number 2 and 3, who are now 7 and 9, will be all over this.

Julie said...

Thanks for the link! They're darling!