Monday, January 25, 2010

Anna French

I have been a long-time fan of designer Anna French...even her name is perfect. I have always been drawn to her sense of color, particularly in her children's wallpaper design. She now has a new collection out called Wild Flora. I just love wallpaper, if I had my way, every room in my house would be papered in a totally different print and colorway. There would be no rhyme or reason to what I chose...each room would stand alone and their would be no flow from room to room. It would end up looking somewhat like a fun house, I'm sure...but I could satisfy all of my different loves...and when I'm feeling peaceful I could go be in my soft, muted, very little color room and when I'm feeling more playful and fun, I could be surrounded by a wild pattern in pinks and reds. It would be kinda' like a mood house :)

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Julie said...

That sounds like my kind of dream house, too! I've often thought those exact ideas---except for the wallpaper part. Though I love wallpaper, I had a nightmare removing it once and have been terrified of it ever since! ;) Love the inspirational ones you shared here. Beautiful!