Thursday, January 14, 2010

Love, Sweet Love

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays because I get to go overboard with the goopy love stuff for my kids (no joke...I'm talking heart-shaped pancakes with pink strawberry syrup). I love having a holiday that I don't have to make an excuse for being sappy over. Bring on the pink and red, boxes of dainty chocolates and little "theme-y" gifts. It's also one holiday that I LOVE designing for because I am the girliest of girlie-girls, and Valentine's Day is one day that I don't have to tone it down. I know that the Christmas/Hanukkah holidays are still sort of hanging around (I think I have a holiday hangover), but I'm already lookin' out for some sweet nothings for my sweet somethings. Above are three cute little gifts I've already spied from Rhode Island manufacturer, Decor Craft (top: the very adorable "Blooming Heart", middle: heart shaped magnetic board, bottom: "Flower Pot Pens") along with some Stacy Claire Boyd Children's Petite Valentines and Valentine Photocards.


Federica said...

Really a lovely post darling. You always find the best things.
Happy weekend,

Tonya said...

I've made a version of the flower pot pens before. The homemade version isn't as fancy, but it's very cute (teacher gift, grandma for Mother's Day) and I think your girls would enjoy doing it.