Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Friends

Well, we're getting geared up for a little snow down here in Alabama which everyone is excited about. Even though the weatherman predicts only around two or so inches, the schools are already closed and I am planning on sitting in the warm house with the kids and watching as the beautiful white flakes fall. My friends up North always giggle at the novelty of snow down in the's all we can talk about if there's even a chance of it because it happens so rarely.

Thinking about all this snow made me remember some photographs from National Geographic photographer Norbert Rosing that I saw a while back which captured a beautiful happening.

Above: A Polar Bear approaches a team of sled dogs outside Churchill, Manitoba.

Above: Mr. Polar bear lays on his back in a submissive play position

Above: Best friends!
Above: the dog bears it's neck in play

Above: Play time!
I found this little write-up about the event on's "Urban Legend" website (which confirmed that, yes...this unbelievable event actually happened this way). Here's what they said about the meeting:
"The location was a kennel outside Churchill, Manitoba owned by dog breeder Brian Ladoon, who kept some 40 Canadian Eskimo sled dogs there when Rosing visited in 1992. A large polar bear showed up one day and took an unexpected interest in one of Ladoon's tethered dogs. The other dogs went crazy as the bear approached, Rosing says, but this one, named Hudson, "calmly stood his ground and began wagging his tail." To Rosing and Ladoon's surprise, the two "put aside their ancestral animus," gently touching noses and apparently trying to make friends. Just then another large polar bear arrived and advanced toward one of Ladoon's other dogs, Barren. The latter rolled on his back, then the pair commenced playing "like two roughhousing kids," Rosing writes, tumbling around in the snow as he snapped pictures of the surreal encounter from the safety of his vehicle. The bear returned for more play sessions every afternoon for 10 days in a row."
What a strange and wonderful world! Hope this makes you smile!


Anonymous said...

What a very sweet, and endearing counter for both animals! And yes, it did put a smile on my face and a warm spot in my heart! L. Shaffrey

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures. So beautiful. I wish I could have them up on a wall. :)