Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Card Table Playhouses

Below: Pirate Card Table Playhouse (includes cool Pirate Messenger Bag) - $170 Below: Double Delight Card Table Playhouse - $175
Below: Bluebird Cottage in Pink (includes personalized address, curtains, removable apples, watering can and "mail") - $175
I love the simplicity and creativity of these adorable card table playhouses from etsy seller Miss Pretty Pretty's "Imaginative Play Toys" site. Who doesn't remember those days of making a fort out of bedsheets strung over various items of furniture in the family room or creating a little house out of a large cardboard box? Miss Pretty Pretty takes it one step further with these beautiful felt creations that fit snuggly over a card table. I love the fact that they set up so quick, and can be stored flat so they don't take up much real estate in the house. And the little details like felt letters that can be put into the mailboxes are too cute! My favorites are above.