Monday, February 8, 2010

Mix My Granola

Oh boy...I'm not sure if I'm having good karma, good timing or just good luck but I am so very excited to hear about this new company that has gotten rave reviews and lets you create your own mixes of granola. lets you pick your own granola base (organic muesli, please) then add in your personal selection of different ingredients like fruit, nuts, candies and "enhancers" (I'll take dried blueberries with almonds and chocolate bits). You can even name your mix and upload a photo for the packaging. This site is heaven-sent because I've recently been mourning the absence of my very favorite brand from the grocery isles. Plus, from the looks of the reviews posted, it seems as if this stuff is amazing. Yum!

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Girlfrog said...

This is heaven sent for us because it is next to impossible to find a granola that is nut free. (My son is allergic to all nuts) I've missed granola! Thanks