Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Charm Bracelet

My children are away at summer camp for a month having a great time. Every few days I try to send them a sweet postcard, a magazine, or a little activity book... just a little something. It's like a hug from home. Today I am sending my daughter Claire a bracelet that I crafted using Martha Stewart's charm bracelet kit. You can find these at Michael's Arts and Crafts. Rather than using photos for the charms, I used little reduced print outs of our family's silhouettes. The bracelet comes with 3 two-sided charms which allows just enough room for our 6 member family (including our 4- legged friend Addie). The kit has a cute keepsake pouch to tuck the bracelet into, which makes it a complete little gift. This package from home will surely make her smile!

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Elizabeth said...

How sweet to send her a little trinket. I loved summer camp, and can't wait for my kids to experience it too! My mom saved all the letters I wrote home those summers. Such fun to look at again!