Monday, June 22, 2009

Party Kit

I went to Michael's arts & crafts store yesterday and had the best time. There are so many fantastic products and I seem to hyperventilate more and more with every row I walk down. It is a really fun place and always makes me wish there were more hours in the day that could be designated to crafting. Oh...dream on! Anyhow, I was thrilled to find this Martha Stewart party kit for $6.99 on the clearance aisle. I'm not having a party, but this kit has so many cute little items in it that you could use for whatever. For example, I took a photo of 3 little gift boxes with orange twill handles that were in the kit. I filled them with some dried fruit and granola for a little addition to my father-in-law's gift yesterday for father's day. This kit has cute tiny bags, stickers, envelopes, cupcake toppers and little decorative cups that would be so cute filled with candies etc. etc... I was just so excited to buy a few of these party kits at $6.99 because there are lots of uses for all of the precious stuff inside.

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Elizabeth said...

I went to the Container Store today, and was in heaven. I also got to go on an extended browsing trip to Michael's last week, and was also in heaven.
This all prompted me to tell my husband today: "The Container Store and Michael's are my own personal heaven. Throw in an IKEA and Target, and I might die from joy."
Those stores always get my creative juices flowing!