Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer

Have you noticed lately how many people have dogs that are a breed that you've never really heard of? I am a dog lover and have one (my heart and soul) that is not a real AKC breed. She is a mix called a labradoodle (a labrador and poodle, all in one). My sister has a doodle (a dacshund/poodle). My friend has a schnoodle (a schnauzer/poodle) and I have met so many cute golden doodles (a golden retriever/poodle) lately. Everyone is so doodly!

Photographer, Amanda Jones has a new book out called "A Breed Apart", which celebrates mixed breed dogs/mutts. Aren't they precious?

Here are some fun pictures of my doodly dog, Addie. She's my BFF! Here we are at the beach last week frolicking in the sand... We had an awesome time! These photos were shot by my friend, photographer Jennifer Jones:


FeeFee said...

Can I ask what program you used to make your pictures into that adorable little collage? Very cute!

Stacy Claire Boyd said...

FeeFee...sorry it took so long to get back to you. We do all our collage images in Photoshop. Hope that helps, and thanks for the love!