Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Got My Ducks in a Row

This past weekend was incredible for me because so much was accomplished and unfortunately that is how I measure my days lately... how much of my 'to-do list' got done? Was it a good day? Was I successful in making things happen? Does any of this behavior sound familiar to you or am I all alone here?

Well, Friday afternoon when I arrived home from work, my list of things that I needed to get done over the long weekend was huge and I am embarrassed to say that a few of the items on the list have been on the list since May... maybe even longer.

I moved my company this past January and let's just say that I have been drowning in stuff since then. I just can't seem to accomplish too much more than what I need to accomplish on a daily basis with 3 children and daily life. As hard as I try... I just can't ever seem to get a big chunk of stuff done... and I really don't ever stop.

Well, the reason that I am telling you all of this is because I feel so 'together' today and I have my sister to thank. She surprised me and came to Birmingham at the last minute. For her Labor Day weekend, she helped me. She donated every moment of her long weekend to me and helped me 'get my head above water'. She simply said... 'I know there's a lot to do... give me my list'. We had a Saturday, Sunday and Monday list. I took half and she took half... divide and conquer! Working with my children, she cleaned and organized their closets... gathering bags of consignment shop stuff and bags to be donated. Running errands, making returns, going to the grocery, taking my car to the car wash (I had forgotten that I owned a white car :) etc. While she was doing all of this, I was doing all of that. She did the jobs just like I would - not putting the spiral notebook back in the desk until she had pulled out all of the stringy bits of paper stuck in the coil and tearing out any used, unwanted sheets. This is probably a silly example, but she did things my way and when I saw her doing this... I knew we were in sync. She did everything the way it needed to be done if you were going to do the job at all.

She made my family feel so good, getting dressed for school was such a pleasure with everything in it's place. It sounds so trite, but all of that stuff makes such a difference and makes you feel so good. Sometimes you just get completely overwhelmed though and you don't know where to start. When my sister sensed this and came to my rescue and did all that she did... well... I have no words for it. But I do know that I can't be alone, and I do think it is definitely a blog-worthy topic.

We didn't stop for 3 days and we had a great time getting it all together. As I drove to work this morning in my 'oh so clean car' I thought... what a gift... what an incredible gift. I really don't know anyone else who would have done that for me. I am so lucky and so blessed. I hope that you, too, have someone in your life that will come to your rescue when it all gets to be too much. I am feeling so good about everything. I feel like I have a new attitude and I owe it all to my wonderful, intuitive and giving sister Leigh Ann. Thank you for everything... thank you from the bottom of my heart!

"A sister is someone who knows everything about you and loves you anyway."


Just Write said...

How SWEET!!! That just makes me smile.... d.

Mariah said...

Wow, what a great thing to do! I love the example about tearing out all the little paper scraps from the spiral notebook! Awesome! That stuff really does matter, what a blessing!