Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Amelia Bedelia

I guess because of the previous "eyelash stuck to my cheek" situation, I've been giving a little thought to all of the wacky predicaments that I seem to get myself into and wondering if I'm alone or others find themselves in similar situations. I have always been a little Amelia Bedelia/I Love I'm used to it. I usually quietly chuckle to myself after I realize what I have done, but lately it seems to be happening more and more frequently. There is really nothing that I can do about least i can laugh at myself
For example, there was the time that the pre-K teacher sent home a note saying “please have your child come to school tomorrow dressed as mommy or daddy”. Well, could you please be more specific?!? Yes, I did send my son to school dressed like mommy in a nightgown and pink ruffle headband. I thought "how cute...just like mommy!" to school, walked him in and saw all the little girls dressed like mommy and all of the little boys with ties and briefcases...oooops....we ran back home, changed into daddy attire and went back to school. Yet another Amelia Bedelia moment. I could, unfortunately, write a book with all of my many moments!

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