Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Story Book Party

This was a cute little party that I did for my daughter Claire several years ago, even though it doesn't really seem like that long ago! We invited 'Mother Goose' to tell a few stories & played Jack Be Nimble... jumpin' over the candlestick kinda' games. It was such a sweet party. Her birthday is in December, so having the children choose a Nursery Rhyme themed ornament off of the little decorative tree was the perfect favor to either take home and hang in their room or on the Christmas tree. I remember everyone loved the little party hats that I made out of scrapbook paper. I got the idea from Martha Stewart (see photo above). They were so cute & easy to make. Just use a 10" plate as a template to cut two circles out of patterned paper. Use glue or double sided tape to form these two circles into the basic shape of your hat. Ribbon makes a handy but oh-so-cute chin strap. Here's how to create the cute tassel on top: Cut a sheet of vellum that is 9" long, 3" on one end and 5" on the other. Along the angled 9" side, cut the vellum at 3/8" intervals, stopping about an inch short of the opposite side. Place a pencil at the lower edge of the wide end, and apply a line of glue or double sided tape along the rest of the lower edge. Roll strip tightly around pencil. Carefully curl each segment of the tassel with scissors. If this seems like a lot you can substitute a pom-pom for the tassel & that'll save time. These hats are quick, easy and cute and you'll look like you spent alot more time on them then you actually did... party on!

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Elizabeth said...

Those hats are so cute!