Friday, May 8, 2009

Little Mermaids

I just received my "Chasing Fireflies" catalog. I really love their products! If you have young children and don't get their catalog, you should... it's great! Flipping through the pages makes me think of summer-time, outdoor fun and children's birthday parties. What struck me as super-sweet while flipping through the other day was their very charming "Mermaid" themed items. You just can't get cuter than these "mermaid tail" beach towels!

You can celebrate at home, at the park or at a nearby pool, beach or aquarium. I found these photos in a precious book titled "Great Parties for Kids" by Hammick & Packer which gives great inspiration for Mermaid themed parties and tons of others as well. I just love the way they take inexpensive items and ingenious ideas to turn an average party into a one-of-a-kind event.

Here is our take on the perfect way to invite all the little Mermaids over for a party... our latest Mermaid design from the "Let's Party" album.
And here are a few little "Mermaid Party" ideas to get your Under-the-Sea festivities started...
What to wear: To make a sparkly mermaid tail... Cut a length of suitable fabric or terrycloth into a tail shape and attach ribbon to the top, so the tail can be tied around the waist
Party activities: A treasure hunt, water balloon toss, fishing games, making sand art.
Fun food ideas: Cookie cutter shaped pb & j sandwiches, goldfish crackers, fruit kabobs, cupcakes with gummy fish.
Fun party favors: Beachball, sunglasses, water squirter, stickers, go-fish playing cards

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pinkstilettos said...

This mermaid stuff is amazing!! I have to add you to my bloglist! Daisy~