Friday, May 8, 2009

Spin That Wheel!

Every Friday the design team at Stacy Claire Boyd goes out to lunch together and every Friday, we are plagued with the dreaded question...where should we go??? None of us can agree...we are always in the mood for "this" or I have a taste for "that"...
I came across this hilarious way to figure out where to go. The "Wheel 'O Lunch". Just enter your zip code and a wheel full of local options pops up. Give it a good spin and round and round it goes until fate decides where you should be spending your afternoon or evening meal. You can even click on the restaurants and you'll be linked to their web-sites if you aren't familiar with them.
From now on I think we'll just let the Wheel O' Lunch figure it all out for us!


Anonymous said...

We LOVE this idea!!!!George is gonna use it for the trading desk @ work!

Monica said...

Oh my gosh- this is truly a blessing! :) I am horribly indecisive when it comes to picking restaurants! This will help so much. :)