Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lusher Lashes

I found this article in More magazine a few weeks ago that gave me the bright idea to try a few false eyelashes. I have definitely noticed a change in my lashes in the past few years. When I was younger and used an eyelash curler there were lots of lashes wrappin' around that contraption. Recently I've tried to curl my eyelashes and there is like nothin' to put in there...what happened to my nice long lashes? Well, apparently after 40 they start to thin...who knew? Anyhow, I ran to the drugstore and purchased a package of individual eyelashes with the proper glue. While in my car (waiting in the carpool line) I was excited to try them. I applied three or four single lashes to the outer corners of each eye and hey...not bad! Fuller, more luxurious lashes, not fake looking, not expensive...okay...I'm likin' this.
A few days later, I think because I was in a hurry and not in the good natural lighting situation that I was in before, I applied the lashes and it was not so great this time. I was going to my niece's graduation where there would be real people to see my not-so-real eyelashes. Well, I got glue in my eye from not being careful and I guess that my 40-something vision ain't what it used to be...
Anyway, after meeting and greeting several people that morning, I went to the restroom, looked in the mirror and after trying to wipe a black smudge off my face I realized that it was in fact my long, luxurious eyelash stuck to my cheek. How long has it been there? Maybe this is not for me after all. The real problem is that after 40 you really can't be responsible for proper eyelash application. At least I can't anyway.
I did love the look, it was a nice subtle, natural difference...but until I find someone who can see to help me put them on, I will have to suffer with sparse lashes.

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Elizabeth said...

I've tried the full lashes myself, and it all went well until it started to come unglued in the corner of my eye and was flopping around and calling attention to itself. Not good.
So I don't do that anymore. :)